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Building the garden and contracts

Whilst some homeowners like to implement the garden themselves, most opt for using a skilled firm of landscape contractors or builders, possibly using specialists groundworkers for landform and drainage and other specialists to carry out the planting stages. We can produce high quality documents to industry standards and project manage the work onto the ground to minimise disruption and ensure that you only pay for work which meets exacting standards.


For larger or more complex projects we recommend using full contract documentation comprising a Form of Contract, Schedules of Quantity, a specification and contract drawings.This will be required if the project is tendered for competitively by more than one contractor. This ensures best value, accurate and fair pricing, enables project management and protects everyone from disputes.

Fully dimensioned drawings are produced, with detailed levels, to allow the design to be costed and quantified.  This includes cost of materials, labour, hire of machinery, protection of existing structures, trees and vegetation and ensures that everything is correctly positioned. This stage can only take place after fixed price quotations have been agreed so that the project stays within budget.

Starting from scratch often involves changing levels and sorting out drainage issues.  This can be disruptive and is best left to expert eartwork contractors.

Interpreting the design onto the ground involves setting-out, accurate measurements and levels. Again this is a specialist operation and needs checking against the drawings before work commences and during all stages of construction

During construction it is important to check the work against specifications or written statements about quality of workmanship and finish.  Payment should only be made when the work has been approved.  This avoids future disputes and clarifies responsibilities for rectifying any defects and guarantee periods.

The final phase is normally planting.  This can be part of an overall contract or done separately, sometimes organised by the client. Nowerdays plants come with guarantees, but only if properly planted into the correct soil or growing medium.  Plants are living things and maintenace/management schedules can be produced and money or time set aside to ensure good establishment.

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